1000PDF Token Making knowledge affordable and profitable.

1000PDF is a decentralized educational project built with blockchain technology launched on June 13, 2021, that connects authors, networkers and bibliophiles and ultimately connects the crypto ecosystem with an educational purpose for maximum productivity and profitability.

Our Roadmap

  • Q3 2021
    Building the vision, mission and Whitepaper development. Core team development, Website creation and Creation of various social medium for our community.
  • Q4 2021
    - 1000PDF token Smart contract deployed to the BSC blockchain and verified.
    - Presale (IDO), Marketing to Increase awareness of the project, Burning 8% from the total supply, Listing on Pancakeswap, Coingecko and CMC.
  • Q1 2022
    - Project Development, Marketing & Incentives campaign To increase buyers and sellers.
    - Partnership development, incentives campaign to increase buyers and sellers.
  • Q2 2022
    - Rewards for active community members List on Major Centralized exchanges
    - Project development, Crypto wallet testing and implementation of more features.
  • Q3 2022
    - 1000PDF Crypto wallet launch.
    - Incentives campaign to Reward authors and bibliographers.
    - More Partnership and Research On Innovative New Technology In Blockchain.

About Us

We've built a platform that makes learning affordable and you can earn and learn.


Public & Open to All: Users do not need the approval of a trusted authority to use the Smart Chain blockchain. There is a single class of users and no gatekeepers. Every participant can read every block and have the opportunity to write a transaction in a future block.


The Binance Smart Chain requires minimal processing power and modest IT resources to join. All online users who possess algos are automatically eligible to participate in block consensus.


The BSc node repository is open sourced and publicly available for anyone to audit, use, and build upon. The platform is founded on principles of transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration and maintained by a dedicated community with a shared vision of a decentralized, borderless future


Our mission is to become the world largest crypto ecosystem that connects authors, networkers and bibliographers for maximum productivity and profitability. We aim to create a crypto ecosystem that include: e-commerce, social networks, exchanges and crypto wallet.(run on domain 1000PDF.COM)



The 1000PDF project is a decentralized educational project built with blockchain technology, which was launched on June 13, 2021. This project connects authors, networkers, marketers, bibliophiles, and ultimately connects the cryptocurrency ecosystem with an educational purpose for maximum productivity and profitability. This project aims at making knowledge affordable and profitable to all. The 1000PDF token is the utility token for the 1000PDF ecosystem and will help in achieving our project goals by rewarding Users and Team Members for their efforts.


1000PDF token is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network and it is entirely decentralized, which means there is no powerful central authority or single point of control. We aim to create a crypto ecosystem where knowledge can be gotten affordably, and money can also be made by authors, and marketers from the sales of the educational contents which births the e-commerce sector of this ecosystem.


There are a lot of mobile apps like Instagram, Amazon, Kucoin, Facebook, LinkedIn, Binance, Trust Wallet, metamask etc., but no app can connect all people on one platform. 1000PDF aims to tackle that problem and change the world by connecting people using a new technology that solves it all.
The world is evolving, and change is occurring daily. The world needs a technology as we advance that can include all the functions of e-commerce platforms, exchanges and crypto wallets where users can buy and sell educational materials affordably and profitably, make online payments with crypto and fiat seamlessly, exchange and store cryptocurrencies, etc. 1000PDF will have all these functions in one place.


We have already created a platform (www.1000pdf.com) where users can acquire knowledge affordably. It is a platform that affords authors, mentors, teachers, and creators the privilege of uploading their educational contents/products for sale to a massive audience, and even gives marketers a platform to promote the educational contents and get paid commissions in crypto or fiat, as the platform has an e-commerce feature embedded in it.
As we proceed, we aim to make our applications more versatile and broader, so as to serve all in the educational and e-commerce sector.


1000PDF is bridging the traditional educational sector as well as the e-commerce sector to cryptocurrency by creating a semi on-chain environment around the education-ecommerce sector based on:

1. A tokenized system of payment which will reward users (educational content creators and marketers) in the native token of the ecosystem (1000PDF Token) for contributing to the project by expanding the educational resources of the project, and by expanding the network of the project through marketing, referrals, etc.

2. An extensive range of educational products and services to help users with whatever information they need.


Project Industry: Education and E-commerce

Product Type: Platform and Digital Products

Founded: Nigeria


Samuel Idengeli

CEO/Founder 1000PDF

Osamudiamen Osagie

COO, 1000PDF Token 😊

Peter Adebayo

Content Creator 📝

Meeting Joshua

Director, Social Media - 1000pdftoken 😊


Make learning easy.

Becoming a one stop shop for Online System for educational impact on the blockchain.

Saving cost.

Creating profitable and affordable knowledge.

Decentralized Learning.

Building a crypto currency ecosystem and DEFI (decentralized finance), and new generation blockchain.

Security & control over money.

Creating a financial service for our customers.

  • 1. Involved in the educational/e-commerce sector since 2021.
    1000PDF has been involved in the educational/ e-commerce market since June 2021. Our creators have been producing very helpful and in-demand educational contents for users, and our marketers have been expanding our reach to a wide range of countries all over the world thereby increasing user engagement. We currently have over 1000 registered users of the 1000PDF platform globally.
  • 2. We have a solid business model which has been proven profitable, secure, fast, and scalable.
  • 3. Our core team is doxed, and very experienced.
    When it comes to the different roles taken by the members of our team, we have by far the best hands with years of experience in their different fields of specialization. They are also well experienced in the traditional educational-ecommerce sector, and have a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency. Everyone on the team is known and have their various identities revealed on the webpage as we are transparent and trustworthy.
  • 4. Our business model is very viable on the blockchain.
  • 5. Easily marketable business model.
  • 6. Exchanges listings, and partnership deals.
  • 7. Model of Token: Demand Fostering and Deflationary
    We have created a system which will facilitate continuous token burns for a period, as written in our Whitepaper.
    We have also created a model for our platform which entails having the 1000PDF token (staked or hodled) in order to access some of our products and services, thereby encouraging users to buy (and stake) the 1000PDF token. This model will produce a continuous demand pressure for the token, and reduce the circulating supply through the staking mechanism.
  • 8. Legally registered company.
    We are officially and legally registered Africa, specifically in Nigeria. 1000PDF Platform is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria [RC 3486790]. This is advantageous to us as we can get local and international deals and partnerships, as well as the advantage of running business hitch-free, as otherwise would have been detrimental to the project.


Token Name: 1000PDF TOKEN

Token Ticker: 1000PDF 1

Token Supply: 3,000,000

Type/Role: Utitlity TOKEN

Organization Structure: Decentralized

Consesus Mechanism: Not Mineable

Algorithm: Pure PoS (BSC Blockchain)